Signs your Siding needs Repair: Handyman Service


When someone visits your house, the siding is the first thing they see. The look of the outside of your home can be affected by the siding’s color, type, style, and condition. If it’s good quality siding that was put on by a pro, your house will look great for many years. But it will need to be changed out at some point. Damaged or worn siding not only looks bad but can also cause damage to the home’s structure. When there are cracks or holes in the siding, water can get in and cause rot and mold to grow. These are the signs that you need Handyman Service in Milwaukee WI so the experts can repair or replace the siding. This blog post will discuss signs that your siding needs repair or replacement.  

Handyman Service in Milwaukee WI for Damaged Siding

Hire experts offering handyman service in Milwaukee WI as soon as you notice signs that your house siding is damaged. Below mentioned are some of the signs you need to look for.

Overall Signs of Deterioration

Depending on what your home’s siding is made of, it will age in different ways. Years of the sun can cause vinyl to fade. It can bend and get out of shape. Wood can get moldy or bend. Since termites and other insects are drawn to wood, you should inspect it for them often.

Termites tunnel through wood siding from the bottom up, so you can’t see them on the surface. On the siding itself, there are no obvious signs of pests. If you tap on the siding, you can get an idea of whether or not they are there. Termites may have already done damage if it sounds hollow. You might also see small mud tunnels going from the ground to the siding. From the ground up, termites move through these tunnels.

Rusty or Popping Nails

When the weather changes, many types of siding will grow or shrink. This will put stress on the nails that hold the siding in place. Strong winds could blow off pieces of your siding if these nail heads or the whole nails have come loose.

If the nails start to rust, you will probably see streaks of the same color going down the wall. This is because too much water may get behind the siding and cause more rot and erosion.

Caulk and Seams

The seams in your siding need to be properly caulked to keep water out and make the siding more secure. If you see boards that aren’t straight and have gaps between them, your siding is in danger. This problem usually happens in case of improper installation. If you see it soon after the installation, you should call the contractor to fix it.

Siding Boards Popping

When the weather changes, vinyl siding will shrink and grow. So, when you put the panels up, you must leave enough space between them. If you hear popping, rattling, or creaking sounds coming from the siding, you should call the experts offering Handyman Service in Milwaukee WI who put it on to fix it.

Flaking or Fading Paint

The outside of your house isn’t just for looks. Cracked or peeling paint can let water and pests get to your siding. Some kinds of siding already have paint on them. The paint will last longer if you use good paint, tools, and the right number of coats.

Depending on where you live, you should paint the wood siding every 3 to 7 years. Most vinyl siding comes in only a few colors already mixed into the material. If it fades, you can paint it, but make sure to use paint that is made for vinyl siding.

Mold and Rot

If there are signs of rot or mold on your siding, it is broken, and you should replace it. If it’s growing on the outside, it’s probably also growing behind the siding. This can cause damage to your home’s structure. You might not even be able to see damage on the wood siding, but you might smell something bad. That’s a sign that the boards are rotting underneath.

Blistering or Bubbling 

In the past, vinyl siding could bubble and get blisters on the outside. But in recent years, vinyl siding has become more durable and better able to handle high and low temperatures. If your vinyl siding has any of these problems, it’s time to get a new one.

Chips, Dents, and Cracks

If you just went through a bad storm or hail, you might want to check your siding for signs of damage. Dents look bad, but they don’t usually do any more damage. However, cracks or chips in the surface leave your home open to damage from water and pests. The good news is that most home insurance policies will cover the cost of replacing siding in this kind of situation. Moreover, look for a Handyman Service in Milwaukee WI so they can repair the siding without further damage.

Damage from Animals or Birds

Birds, squirrels, field mice, and other animals in the wild are always looking for places to nest or stay warm when it’s cold.  Moreover,  if there are only one or two small holes, it might not be too obvious if you patch them up. If not, the only thing you can do is have the siding replaced.

Bills too High

Are your heating and cooling bills going up for no clear reason? It could be your siding. If it’s older, it might not have enough insulation to keep your home comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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