OPUS: An EHR Software to Shape Behavioral Health Workflow


Behavioral health practices have certain perks associated with them. However, with time physicians deciphered that they could do more with specialized solutions. And this realization led to an increase in the demand for specialty-specific behavioral health EHR platforms. In this race, many researchers came to the top with fine ideas finding ways to streamline clinical workflow for psychiatrists. The one name that made its mark on the psychiatrist’s minds amidst this situation was none other than OPUS.

OPUS: The One And Only

Is OPUS EHR software really that great, or is it just hype? By the end of this guide, you will know for sure what’s the case. Let’s dig deeper into the features, reviews, and more aspects of OPUS.

OPUS has been a pioneer in mental health settings serving clients since 1987. With years of experience in the healthcare sector, the vendor has realized what users demand and adapts to their needs. It is highly flexible, and thus all inpatient, outpatient, and residential teams rely on its customizable services. In addition, the OPUS software features intrinsic services to span the continuum of care and elegantly handles substance abuse cases too.

The vendor offers tons of impeccable specialized functionalities, some of which are:

  • Chart Auditing
  • Assessments
  • Utilization Review
  • Document Management
  • Caseload Management

Why OPUS of All the Behavioral Health Solutions?

To get an answer to this, you have to dive into the detailed insights of the features OPUS has in store for you.

Dazos Integration

As we mentioned above, this is a one-in-a-kind solution. In addition, OPUS features integration with Dazos. This partnership led to unprecedented customer relationship management in mental health care centers. It reduces the administrative workload, assures effortless data transmission, and nurtures streamlined workflows. Dazos is an advanced behavioral health-specific CRM platform, and combined, the excellence of these platforms helps practices excel.

The features this integration of OPUS software are:

  • Admission Status
  • Admission Verification
  • Call Tracking
  • Preadmission Reporting
  • Real-time Admissions Intelligence
  • Inbound And Outbound Referral Source Tracking
  • Customized Admissions Workflows
  • Dashboards and Customizable Reports


The vendor assures patient medication adherence with the best-in-class e-prescribe service. Physicians can use the remote prescription tool of OPUS EHR software to ensure the optimal continuation of care. As this service is integrated within the OPUS EHR, it costs less and highly reduces the risk of harmful drug interactions. Besides this, OPUS makes up for its pricing by allowing for substance-controlled prescriptions. This introduces an added level of protection in the patient prescriptions.

Lab Integration

Along with EHR integration, OPUS features lab integration. The lab integration service is very well presented in the demo tutorial of OPUS. Users can readily connect with their lab partners for seamless test ordering. Using this, psychiatrists can receive results without having to leave their office. The best part is this service mitigates human eye errors, optimizes explanatory information, and complies with the regulatory protocols. Thus nurtures enhanced patient engagement and better care outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

OPUS is not just an EHR solution but also a PM & RCM software. It comes with a complete RCM module for revenue protection and simplified claims management. Acting as a strategic business partner, the vendor improves the practices’ bottom line. For example, it keeps the patient collections in check to reduce claim denials and offers the best overall A/R management services. On top of that, OPUS features an accurate medical coding facility.


So, the answer to why OPUS is that you can better manage clinical and financial operations using this solution. The system improves clinical efficiency and reduces administrative hassle nurturing a friendly clinical environment.

OPUS EHR Pricing

A robust PM & RCM software like OPUS makes sure to meet the budget requirements of the practitioners. OPUS packs two pricing plans for the users. One is for complimentary users, and the other is named unlimited access. The details of the OPUS pricing plans are still in the dark. But you can talk to sales to inquire about the exact pricing details of the pricing bundles of OPUS healthcare solutions.

Free Trial

One more element of interest is unlike many other mental health solutions like Insync EHR, OPUS offers a free trial. Of course, OPUS also provides a demo, but you can learn more about its internal functionalities using the free trial. So, don’t forget to set up a demo and request a free OPUS trial before getting started.

OPUS vs Insync EHR

The prime rival of OPUS EHR software as of now is Insync EHR. It was founded in 2002 but has grown into a tech-savvy behavioral health-specific solution. Insync was founded by Qualifacts EHR and incorporates the best mental health services. In addition, its medical transcription services are the talk of the town, for they speed up patient encounters.


This MU-3-certified solution won the most recommended software and best customer support awards of 2022 by Software Advice. Besides, it has won many more awards showcasing its excellence and dedication to serving the mental health sector. It caters to behavioral health and rehabilitative health facilities.

Services Offered:

The prime services offered by Insync EHR are listed below:


  • Practice Management
  • Automated Medical Billing
  • Dedicated Patient Portal
  • Patient Check-in kiosk
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Telehealth
  • E-prescription
  • EMAR


Set up a demo with InSync EHR to get exquisite details about its services. The cherry on the top is Insync EHR offers customized demo tutorials so you can request the details of services you think will go best with your practice.

Insync EHR Reviews:

Insync EHR scores 4.5-star reviews on average. Overall, the users have had a great experience with this vendor. According to the reviews, Insync EHR stays at the top of its game by offering tech-intensive clinical functionalities. In addition, its endless automation makes clinical management a no-brainer.

Insync EHR Pricing:

Insync EHR still needs to disclose its pricing details. Contact the sales team of Insync EHR to request current pricing details. Insync EHR offers budget-friendly pricing packages.

Shortlist your feature requirements, request the price details, and schedule demonstrations with both vendors to assess which software is more effective for your practice.


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