Different Stages of Relationship that you should know

Different Stages of Relationship that you should know


A healthy and strong relationship is what every person on this planet craves for. Everybody wants somebody by their side to hold their hands, and walk through all ups and downs of life together. Having a caring and supportive partner by your side is one of the greatest blessings of life, and if you have that one special person in your life, don’t take them for granted and hold their hands tightly. Every relationship has different stages that every individual should know, and how to be during those phases to have a fulfilling relationship is the most important thing to do. Here we discuss about the different stages of relationship that you should know:


First meetings or the first time you feel attracted towards a person is always special for all of us. It is the first time you see them around you, or talking to you, or any other trait that attracts you instantly. Often people think attraction is love, and come into a relationship in haste, without knowing the person. This is the time when people don’t understand what to do. First meetings should always be cherished, but you should also give yourself some time to process if that is the person for you. 


This is the stage when you become curious about the person. You want to know them, every little detail about them. This is one of the most important stages of a relationship as this is the time you get to realize if that person is correct for you and if you both are compatible. This period should be cherished by you as you are going to know the person who will be your life partner. Make sure to give time to the correct person. The first stage is all about physical appearance, body type, and personality traits of the person. But this stage is more important as this shows what kind of person are you about to fall in love with. This stage lasts for about 3 to 4 months, and at the end of this you have to decide if that person is right one for you. Often people are mistaken with the thought that they can change the other person during the relationship, but this is a myth. A person cannot change until and unless they want to, and pushing such relationships will eventually cause heart-break. 



This is the stage when the infatuation has all changed to a deeper connection with the person. Trust has been built, you have become more intimate to the person, you have started sharing every thing with them, and you can be who you are. This is one of the most peaceful stage of a relationship where you can enjoy each other’s company, and be who you are without any insecurities. This is often known as the ‘honeymoon phase’ which is considered to be the best time of a relationship. You want to be with the person throughout the day. You can always surprise your partner with different gestures and they will never be bored of them. You can arrange for online gift delivery and surprise your partner. Enjoy this stage as much as you can and have a great relationship ahead. 


This is the ultimate stage of a relationship, where couples have a good understanding of each other, and each other’s values and goals. After all the fights, and differences in the previous stage, both of them have understood each other better than anybody. This is the time you can have honest conversations with each other, support each other, and be secure that the person will always hold your hand and have your back. This is a beautiful part of the relationship as you can maintain this bond by being emotionally intelligent. This is the time you are more than sure that you want to spend rest of the lives together. You get to meet each other’s family and friends, and now it is official. You are really blessed and lucky if you reach this stage of the relationship. Also, never take your partner for granted irrespective of whichever stage you are in. Send gifts online, surprise your partner once in a while, and spend quality time with them every day. Have a beautiful life ahead!

These are the four stages of a relationship that every person should know about, and should try to cherish every stage.

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